Measure of ‘Lowest Common Denominator‘ Among Americans Near Zero


The benchmark for the so-called ‘lowest common denominator’ of Americans is now close to bottoming out. “Any lower and we’ll be flat lining,” says Owen Richards, head of statistical analysis at More On, a California think tank. The term represents Continue reading

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Trump’s Emails Said To Be Hacked By Russians Posing As ‘Nigerian Prince’


  Russian agents posing as a Nigerian prince reportedly hacked GOP Presidential candidate Donald J Trump’s private email address more than four months ago. However, unlike the recent Democrats’ National Committee breach that resulted in the release of embarrassing documents, Continue reading

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GOP Members Lay Waste To Congressional Hearing


Some Republican members of Congress who questioned FBI Director James Comey’s handling of Hillary Clinton’s emails were reportedly so excited for the opportunity they may have wet their pants during the proceedings. The source, a custodian working for a company contracted Continue reading

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