This blog is a collection of short stories and satirical observations,  none of which is exactly true or false.

You be the judge.


Gil Prowler is a freelance writer and independent filmmaker who has spent most of his life working, looking for work or running down checks. He was born in Brooklyn, New York at a time when you could use a public restroom without having to pass through security, the pornography was usually hidden in the attic by your old man and Pluto was a planet.

Gil’s writing credits includes work published both in print and online. His stories can be read in ‘The Offbeat’, ‘Clockwise Cat’, ‘The 3288 Review’ and other things you probably never heard of. He’s a somewhat regular contributor to ‘Write Label’, and ‘Pitch’ along with the occasional Twitter rant.

His film travels have taken him above the Arctic Circle to the oil fields in northern Alaska; ringside at a world championship boxing match in China; pursued by kidnappers in rural Mexico and caravanning upriver past the French Foreign Legion in Africa. He has also shot sporting events, documentaries, live concerts as well as worked on Academy Award and Emmy nominated films and stuff like that.

Gil currently lives in California with his wife, children and a brown lawn.



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