This blog is a collection of short stories and satirical observations by Gil Prowler, none of which is exactly true or false.

That’s because it’s easy to believe the unbelievable if you just want to.  For example, bacon is a pork by product but who among us doesn’t like bacon?  If you don’t eat meat but you choose to believe that it comes from a plant, well  then it’s okay to eat – maybe even healthy.  Hence, Baconplant.

There are two paths to baconplanting, self and public.  Self is what you tell yourself in spite of the plain truth. For example,  ‘I’m in great shape’, ‘No, I never said that’ and ‘children are the best thing that ever happened me’, etc. Sometimes it’s better to believe what you need to in order to deceive yourself.

Public utterances are a different animal altogether and can end up costing great deals of money, reputation and lives. For example, ‘if the glove don’t fit you must acquit’, ‘yes, there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq’, or ‘Donald Trump will never, ever be the president.’  They are the means to an end suggested to deceive others.

You be the judge.


Gilbert Prowler is a freelance writer and independent filmmaker who has spent most of his life working, looking for work or running down checks. He was born in Brooklyn, New York at a time when you could use a public restroom without having to pass through security, the pornography was usually hidden in the attic by your old man and Pluto was a planet.

His travels have taken him above the Arctic Circle to the oil fields in northern Alaska, ringside at a world championship boxing match in China, pursued by kidnappers in rural Mexico as well as upriver past the French Foreign Legion in Africa while working on films, sporting events, documentaries, live concerts and other projects. He currently lives in California with his wife, children and a brown lawn





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