Is It Worth Buying A Used Sex Doll

I needed to get away. The walls of my apartment were so thin I could hear when my neighbor’s kid was done banging my now ex-wife. But at least then I’d know she’d be home soon for dinner.

I could understand her drifting away. I make for terrible company, even when I’m alone. It’s not so much I don’t enjoy talking to people as much as it is I don’t like listening to them.

So, to avoid small talk as I traveled on a journey of self-discovery, but still enjoy some companionship, I bought a sex doll online from

Sure, she was used but I wanted one with experience.

I know what you’re thinking — how much of a discount did I get? But that’s not important.

Her name was Tabatha and right out of the box, with her come-hither look, her smeared lipstick and her modest wardrobe I felt an instant attraction. Her perfume was intoxicating and left me dazed and confused. It wasn’t until later I realized it was the aroma of rubber cement.

And off we went. I did most of the driving as we traveled along the byways and highways of this great land. It was refreshing to be with someone who never corrected me or offered unsolicited advice.

Tabby, as I called her, usually sat beside me in the front seat. Perhaps it was her half cocked smile or her dewy complexion but as we drove I could see the curious looks on the faces of the passing motorists.  Sometimes they’d gesture or shout out, other times cover their children’s faces.

It could get distracting, even dangerous, when someone swerved over or followed us. I had thought about putting her in the back seat but then I’d have to yell for her to hear me. So sometimes I’d just lean her over on my lap. Sure, it made it hard to drive but it’s probably safer.

And so together Tabby and I explored the wilds before us, going down the Grand Canyon, watching Old Faithful erupt and venturing deep into the Mammoth Cave. We also visited some national parks.

Then an unexpected thing happened when we got out at a rest stop to get some fresh air. After I was done pumping Tabatha I took a short stroll around the place. As I wandered I received a text message from Cranker.

It read,

“Dear Non-Specific Gender,

We hope this finds you well satisfied.

We have received a request from a previous companion seeking to reconcile and renew their relationship with Tabatha, your current plus one. However, it is our policy to not disclose the personal information of our clients.

But if this is something you’d consider, we will give you their contact information. Bear in mind should you decide to go forward, Cranker is not liable for any arrangements, situations or outcomes that may arise in transactions between you and the requester.


Lolly Popp

Customer Relations”

Be still my heart.

But to be honest Tabby and I were growing apart. I had begun to find her awkward silence unnerving, her blank stare unsettling and her need for epoxy makeovers dizzying. When I began to wonder what she was thinking I realized it was time to end our relationship.

Maybe if it hadn’t been for her previous entanglement we could have gone on and, despite our differences, found a way to stick together. But with another pining for her this was the opportunity to go our separate ways.

I made an outrageously high offer which they accepted faster than a drive by shooting. And, as it turned out, would pay for the entire trip. Soon after l left Tabby for her remorseful admirer at a mutually agreed to bus stop bench outside of Topeka.

As I drove off I could see a deflated expression begin to spread across her face. Perhaps I should have stayed. But most likely her crestfallen appearance was the result of the goodbye note I stapled on her chest.

So, this journey comes to an end. As I had hoped, I came back with a greater sense of self-awareness. Perhaps none greater then, when it comes to affairs of the heart, always buy new.

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