Was Jesus The Ultimate Nepo Baby

Am I the only one thinking that? Well, possibly but I bet you’re thinking about it now.

Before we get started let me say the last thing I want to do is get on that family’s bad side. Being smitten or plundered is not something I’m looking for. So, very important disclaimer, any opinions expressed in this story are thoughts that were put in my head by a supreme being.

Okay, back to Nepo babies. You know, the whole thing that has everyone talking. Basically, it’s a person whose success in life is perceived as a result of Nepotism by using a relative’s name or position of power. Hence the term ‘Nepo baby.’

Now it’s one thing to be in the family plumbing business, recognized as a celebrity’s offspring, or Donald Trump Jr. and just ride the wave. But it’s altogether different to be introduced as the Son of (You Know Who). So, you have to wonder if Jesus was, by definition, the ultimate Nepo baby.

Sure, we’re all told we’re Children of (You Know Who) and we’re all special — but like so much our parents didn’t tell us, there’s always the favorite. And I think we know who that was.

And His father has a lot of influence. You just don’t walk on water, turn it into wine, come back from the dead and an assortment of other logic-defying acts, unless you know someone/entity with some real juice.

Then there’s the publicity. I mean basing a tale on your life called ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’ says a lot. And who thought you could write a sequel to the Old Testament? Let alone it ending up as the best-selling book ever? The only thing missing was a cut of the merch which the Church collected.

So, how do we view Jesus’ many successes? Was he born into it or did he find his own way? I’ll leave that up to you.

But now’s probably a good time to stop writing before I go blind or my leg falls off.

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